ANZAC Biscuits
Beetroot and Chocolate Cake
Chocolate and Sour Cherry Muffins Cake
Carrot Cake
Dark Ginger Cake

Scottish Salad Dressing
Balsamic Salad Dressing

Children in the Kitchen

Fi Bird of "Stirrin'Stuff"  gives some ideas on how to get children involved in cooking.  Links to 'Scotland on Sunday'.

Herb Paste


Scottish Producers

Caithness Smoke House are using our 'cold pressed rapeseed oil' to coat their smoked eggs and smoked mussels.

'Clooties' from Peebles have developed a modern/healthier version of the traditional clootie. Sweet and fruity, with a hint of spice, their dumplings are suitable for vegetarians. To bring clootie dumplings up-to-date in terms of health-consciousness they have substituted the traditional cholesterol-laden beef suet with rapeseed oil which is high in unsaturated fat. using

Summer Isles Foods, is a small, family-run smokehouse in Achiltibuie,
dedicated to producing the finest
smoked salmon, smoked fish, smoked meats, organic food and cheeses from
across Scotland.